State of the Science of Soil Carbon Sequestration -  R. Cesar Izaurralde, Charles W. Rice, and James A. Edmonds, U.S. National Committee for Soil Science, Keck Center of the National Academies, Washington, DC, May 15-16, 2007.

December 2004 CSiTE Scientific Program Panel Review - In December 2004, CSiTE was reviewed by a panel of experts. These are the presentations given during the review. The presentations describe CSiTE progress from its inception in 1999 through to December 2004. CSiTE achievements during 2005-2006 may be found in the appendix A of the FY2007 -  2011 Science Plan.

Regional Scale Assessment of the Organic C Sequestration Potential in Deep Subsurface Soils

Enhancing Deep Carbon Storage: Manipulation Strategies to Enhance Stable Subsurface Organic C Pools
Unraveling the influence of scale on organic C transport